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Worship & Music Teams

Joyful Noise

This group of singers leads most of the contemporary worship services during the school year. They meet most Wednesday nights to prepare for Sunday worship service.  If you are a singer and would like to join them, please let Glady Hovland know that you are interested!  

Solid Ground

This group of singers brings soul and rock to our contemporary service whenever they are able.

Grace Power

This female group brings beautiful harmony to many contemporary favorites.

Cormorant Lutheran Senior Choir

This group of senior singers brings special music to Traditional Worship from Easter through Christmas.  If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact the church office.

Bell Choir

Cormorant Lutheran's bell choir shares their gifts on occasion at the Traditional Worship service.  If you are interested in joining in the ringing, contact the church office!

Voices of Praise

Voices of Praise brings its beautiful four-part harmonies to Traditional Worship at least once monthly.

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